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Why Donate?

One of the most popular television shows among
adolescent girl’s today is Gossip Girl, a drama that revolves around a New York City Upper East Side teenagers. The plot hinges on several narrative twists, but relies especially on stories in which girls deceive one another, sometimes through gossip and other times through deliberate sabotage, engage in self destructive behavior, subtly through self-doubt and blatantly through drug use and questionable sexual choices, and remain bound to the small world that is an urban prep school.



We imagine Act Like a GRRRL as a direct challenge to a girls' culture that undermines community, facilitates negative outcomes, and limits what girls imagine that they can accomplish in the world. In 2007, GRRRLs collaborated on an Act Like a GRRRL mission statement. As always, we were struck by their creativity, their honesty, and their insight. Together, they wrote:

"ALAG is a program that focuses on raising girls' awareness of their bodies, themselves, their beauty and their relation to the world. Through introspective writings, dance, art , music, poetry and performance, ALAG teaches girls how to think for themselves and take charge of their lives in the spirit of the women who lead them, filling them with heart and soul for the journey ahead."


If there was any doubt about the need for an intervention
in the lives of teenage girls, consider the following:

Girls’ self esteem is at risk...

• 70% of girls believe that they are not pretty enough, smart enough, or popular enough.
(Real Girls, Real Pressure: A National Study on the State of Self-Esteem)

• At age thirteen, 53% of American girls report that they are "unhappy with their bodies." This rate grows to 78% by the time girls are seventeen.
(National Institute on Media and the Family)

• 57% of mothers criticize their daughter's appearance.
(Real Girls, Real Pressure: A National Study on the State of Self-Esteem)

During adolescence, girls begin engaging in self destructive behavior...

• 9% of teenage girls aged 12-17 report using illicit drug monthly.
(National Household Survey on Illicit Drug Use)

• One in ten college aged women exhibit clinical or nearly clinical diagnosable eating disorders. (National Institute for Mental Health)

The future of women, depends on the lives of girls...

• While rates of teenage pregnancy have been falling for decades, rates appear to be increasing since 2006. (National Center for Health Statistics)

• In 2004, the Centers for Disease Control have reported a "dramatic and huge increase" in suicide rates among young people. Rates for girls aged 10-14, rose most significantly 76% from the previous year. Suicide rates among teen girls aged 15-19 shot up 32 percent. By contrast, rates for teenage boys rose 9 percent.

One ALAG mother writes of her daughter’s experience:

"I can tell you, without any hesitation that this experience has changed and shaped the destiny of my daughter in nothing but the most positive ways. At 15 years of age, she possesses not only a healthy self-confidence, but a remarkable understanding of the wisdom and beauty and challenges of girls and women all over the world. More importantly, she has been imbued with a desire to be an agent of change, to better herself and in some way, to help build a better world."

If you’d like help a young woman find her voice and speak her truth at this important moment in her life, you can make your check payable to Actors Bridge Ensemble (memo: ALAG) or call
Vali Forrister at 615-498-4077 to make a donation by credit card. You can also donate online through Actors Bridge Ensemble right here by indicating your donation is for ALAG in the special instructions box.

• $600 secures a scholarship for a GRRRL.

• $300 provides all arts supplies needed for an entire Act Like a GRRRL session.

• $100 provides the funds for costuming an Act Like a GRRRL performance.

• $50 provides transportation for field trips.


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