What is a GRRRL?

GRRRLs are strong, independent, & creative young women (age 12-17) with something to say! GRRRLs express their thoughts & feelings on the page & then take it to the stage. They listen to what other GRRRLs have to say, dream big, & take action together to change their world for the better!

What do you do at Act Like a GRRRL?

Well, much of what we do at Act Like a GRRRL revolves around writing, but we use lots of creative practices to express who we are and what we think. In past years, girls have used songwriting, jewelry making, painting, and dancing to be creative and expressive. In addition, girls participate in discussions about healthy living, personal style, and relationships led by very cool adult women from wide ranging backgrounds – from Vanderbilt professors to community activists.

Can I come to Act Like a GRRRL?
If you're a 12-18 year old GRRRL, you can participate. You don't have to have any writing or performance "talent"-- just an interest in telling your own story. To apply, fill out the online form. Once we review your application, we'll call to schedule an interview! Please note that you must be available for the entire month of June (M-F; 9am-3pm) to be eligible for ALAG.

Why is Act Like a GRRRL important?
Need help convincing your parents to let you go? Well, show them this:
Teenage girls are continually fed ideas and images that undermine their wellbeing and their beliefs about who and what they can be in the world. Research indicates a majority of girls feel anxiety about their present lives and hopelessness about their future. This results in self-destructive behaviors like eating disorders, substance abuse, and unsafe sex as the coping mechanisms through which girls navigate the terrain of adolescence. ALAG is a counter-cultural intervention that invites girls to tell their personal stories and articulate their values in community with other teenage girls. The act of storytelling becomes an avenue for avoiding self-destructive behavior and creating a self-determined future. Girls establish an internal compass through which they can navigate their lives both inside the Act Like a GRRRL community and outside in their schools, neighborhoods, and families.

We believe that the process of articulating one’s story implicitly involves vulnerability and risk. As a result, girls participate in positive risk-taking behaviors that solidify friendships, establish leadership skills, increase self confidence and self awareness while avoiding risk-taking behaviors that often yield negative outcomes. The structure of Act Like A GRRRL relies on close mentoring between participants and a variety of successful adult women. In the process, girls encounter a range of models for how to self-create wellbeing and flourish. Also, it's FUN.

What do other GRRRLs say about it?

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How much does Act Like a GRRRL cost?
Tuition for the program is $1250.
A limited number of need-based scholarships are available.
Scholarships are available on the basis of need, not merit, and will be offered
on a first come, first served basis as long as funds are available.